Child education activities infographic – India

A child education infographic shows the latest information on child education and education activities.

It shows child education, education activity and child benefit activities, which includes child education.

India is ranked number one in the world for child education with over 50% of children enrolled.

Child education activity includes everything from taking lessons, to reading books, to playing games and learning skills.

A child benefit infographic shows statistics of children and families who receive benefits from the Indian government.

The infographic also shows the number of children who are currently enrolled in child welfare programmes.

India is ranked in the top ten countries for child nutrition and is the most child-friendly country in the World.

Child nutrition programmes are aimed at improving the nutritional status of children through various means, including a healthy diet, adequate nutrition, and exercise.

The child nutrition programme covers nutrition and health services and supports parents and other stakeholders to improve their child’s nutritional status through regular visits to the health centre.