Child Education Credit for Amish Parents, Expanded Through State Department

Amish parents will have a new source of credit for their child education. 

The State Department released a report today that provides an additional $300,000 to states for child education through the State Department for child care, day care, and summer learning centers.

The funding is a one-time lump sum payment to each state.

The Department also released another report today outlining a new “child welfare and welfare safety net” program that will help states and localities implement safety net programs that can help children and families that are vulnerable or at risk of falling into poverty. 

This is the third round of funding to help states implement a child welfare safety fund since President Trump took office, and the first round of funds will be used to assist states in building a safe net for vulnerable children and adults, including children and pregnant women. 

These additional funds will help build on programs that have been implemented in other states, including those for Head Start, Head Start Plus, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). 

This funding will help improve safety nets for vulnerable populations, and provide additional resources to states in order to help them improve their child welfare and safety net systems. 

In addition, the State department is providing additional $1 million in State Department-approved assistance to support state and local child care programs, including programs that are targeted toward disadvantaged children, parents, and families, including: The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) will provide $2 million to states and community centers, and will include: $1 million to expand the State Children’s Center Network and the State Center on Children’s and Family Services (SCFSS) to include families that require day care or child care services for their children; $2 million for new preschool centers, which will provide pre-kindergarten services for low-income preschool children; and $3 million to support early childhood education for low income preschool children and parents. 

Additionally, the $1.4 billion in new child care support is dedicated to expanding the State Early Childhood Center Network. 

Finally, $2.1 billion in additional State Department approved assistance for child and family services is dedicated for the State Partnership for Child and Family Service, a program designed to connect child care providers to state child care and community providers, including foster care centers, home-based child care centers and other community-based providers. 

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