How to get an education assessment from the Australian Government website

When you visit the Australian Education Assessment website you can choose to enrol in an online assessment or you can get a printable copy.

The assessment will ask questions and give you an opportunity to fill in answers.

The online assessment is a good way to see if you are eligible for the government’s child education program or if you might be eligible for other programs.

Read more about the Australian Assessment.

The printable form can be used to check the level of assessment that you need, for example, if you need to enrol for school, work or health, or if the assessment is specific to your needs.

If you decide to take the online assessment, you will be able to complete the assessment at a later date.

The information you receive from the assessment will be based on your current eligibility.

If the assessment says that you are at or above the eligibility threshold, you can enrol.

However, if the test is too difficult for you, you might want to wait for your assessment results to be received by the Department of Education.

If an assessment says you are not eligible for this program, or you have questions about the assessment, contact the department.