How to raise children with disabilities in Australia

The Department of Education has launched a new initiative to promote and develop skills for children with intellectual disabilities in Australian schools.

The Department of Children and Family Development has launched the ‘Knowledge, Skills and Learning for Children With Intellectual Disabilities’ program.

The initiative, which will see the first school-based workshops held in Victoria in 2017, aims to increase the awareness of the importance of literacy skills for a range of child skills.

It also aims to assist teachers to provide the right tools to children with special needs.

The workshops will be conducted in the school curriculum and will be delivered by a range, including teachers, educators, academics, school counsellors, teachers of special needs and professional development providers.

The curriculum will be developed around the school year, with a focus on children with cognitive impairment, including learning about special needs in primary school.

A range of other skills will be taught to the students, including communication skills, literacy, mathematics and problem solving.

Children with intellectual disability will be able to attend one of the workshops and receive an evaluation and assessment tool to help determine the quality of the skills being taught.

Children who are already enrolled in a workshop will also be able attend the next one.

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