How to stop child refugees from coming to the United States

Child refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq could face a tough time in the United Kingdom.

The country has been hit hard by the refugee crisis.

The government is already struggling to accommodate more refugees.

The new refugee policy is expected to make things even tougher for refugees trying to enter the UK.

The plan would allow refugees who entered the UK as unaccompanied minors, under 18, to stay in the country for up to two years.

The children would be able to stay until they reach the age of 16, which is the age limit for asylum.

They would also be able stay in England.

But that would require them to be accompanied by a parent and legal guardian.

The policy would also allow the UK to revoke their refugee status, but only if the refugee is deemed to have had “substantial links” with a terrorist organization.

It would also affect refugees who have family members in Britain who are in the U.K. They are not permitted to stay longer than they were in the UK, according to The Guardian.

In addition, those who are already in the British territory would be given a second chance to apply for a visa to come back.

The UK also announced that it would waive the requirement that all new refugees must prove they have “substantially links” to a terrorist group.

The refugee resettlement program is a priority for Prime Minister Theresa May and she announced her plans last month.

She has said that the new refugee plan will help to stop a flood of refugees coming to Britain.

“We are making a big, big difference in our country, and it will be in the best interest of our country,” May said.

The Refugee Council of England welcomed the news.

“It is vital that we get more refugees to Britain, as the UK is one of the largest transit countries for refugees, with the majority of refugees arriving in England,” said Peter Smith, the group’s director of policy.

“This will allow us to provide an extra boost to our efforts to help people who have already arrived safely.”

The UK already has a large number of refugees from the conflict in Syria and has also been a major destination for the global movement of people fleeing the Islamic State group.