How to teach your kids to read and write

As a child, I was taught by my teachers to be careful of my words, lest they be misinterpreted as mean. 

But it was never my intention to cause harm.

I simply wanted to teach my kids that words matter. 

The first step was reading, then writing, and, finally, writing. 

My daughter has an interest in reading, and she’s interested in writing, too. 

She can easily learn to read at her own pace. 

Her progress has been amazing, but she still needs to be challenged with challenging situations. 

So I began to write down her words and ask her to make sure they fit into my story. 

As my daughter progressed, I started to add more challenge. 

I started with the most basic elements, then added more detail, and more, until I could confidently tell her how to do each word. 

It felt so natural, and so empowering. 

At this point, my daughter was able to write, write, and write. 

When she was seven or eight, I realized I had no way to tell her she could be a writer. 

That’s when I discovered the story of a child who was given the ability to create her own words by her father, an amazing person with a gift of language. 

What is it like to write for your kids? 

I learned to write when I was seven. 

Then, at 12, I discovered I was also able to teach children how to read, so I could make sure I didn’t teach them to be bullies. 

Today, I’m writing for my kids because I know it can make their lives better. 

If I’m able to do it for them, I’ll be doing it for others too.

 In the meantime, I can tell them to keep trying, and to be grateful for what they’ve been given. 

How to teach kids to write in an interactive format with this story from Child Care Education (click image to enlarge)