How to teach your kids to read more

A new book by a child psychologist and child educator argues that the best way to teach children to read and learn to read is to read them to them.

The book, entitled “The Art of Reading,” is published by the nonprofit group, the National Association for Children’s Book and Literacy.

It argues that parents, teachers and child psychologists should focus on the process of reading to children rather than the individual reading the book to a child.

The book argues that reading to a person is more than just a way to listen and respond to words.

Readers can also use words to teach the reading language of the reader, or to reinforce and develop the skills and knowledge of reading, said the book’s author, Dr. Amy J. Kowalczyk.

“It’s about developing a vocabulary that helps you read and the ability to use it in ways that others may not,” said Kowallyczyk, a research professor at Johns Hopkins University and the author of “The Children of the Future: An Autobiography of Amy Kowalski.”

The book says that kids should read to themselves, rather than reading to other people.

For example, if your child is reading to you from a book, it may be appropriate for you to give them a cue or ask a question to get their attention, Kowalyczyk said.

You could also use a book as a kind of mirror.

“It allows you to see what the child is thinking and feeling,” she said.

“It’s not something that you’re trying to impose.

It’s about what you want to see in your child’s life.”

Parents can also take time to read to their children, Krowallyczy said.

It could be a book they’ve read to or a video on the Internet that your child has watched.

Children have a natural need to learn and grow, she said, and reading is one of the most natural ways to do that.

It is possible to be a good teacher, she added, without having to teach reading to kids.

Children should be encouraged to read books to them, said Krowalyczy.

Kids can also develop a reading vocabulary, she explained, and to use words and phrases that children can relate to, instead of just saying what’s in a book.

Parents should be educated about the different reading experiences children have, Kowsalycze said.

The more children are exposed to reading, the more they understand and learn.

They also can’t just rely on books to help children learn.

Books can be an important part of learning, she noted.

Kowalyk also said parents need to understand that books are not for everybody.

Children need to have books to read, and they need books to understand.

They need to read a book to understand a person.

We should all be reading books to our children, said Jowaly, a child education researcher and author of the book.