IGN’s 2018 Video Game Awards 2018

With video game awards season upon us, IGN has decided to take a look back at the year in review, as well as give you the scoop on what’s coming up for 2018.

First up, the big one: video game reviews.

For the first time ever, IGN will have the ability to rank every single review on the site.

That means you’ll be able to find all the best reviews from the past year, as long as they’re ranked correctly.

The top 20 reviews will then be aggregated into a single “Best of” list that will be published on IGN’s dedicated IGN Game Awards page.

IGN’s “Best Of” list will feature games that received the highest scores from critics, along with a brief description of each game.

For more info on the video game industry, visit IGN.com/games.

IGN will also host the first annual IGN Games Awards at New York Comic Con on March 28 and 29.

You can read more about IGN’s upcoming gaming events, including the IGN Gamer’s Choice Awards, the IGN Game Developers Choice Awards and the IGN Gaming Awards, right here on IGN.

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