India bans all schoolchildren from reading online

The Indian government has banned all school children from reading the internet.

The Education Ministry announced the new directive in a press release on Friday.

The move follows an alarming rise in the number of students who are reading on their laptops or tablets.

In February, the government ordered a nationwide ban on schoolchildren reading online, citing the increasing number of cyber bullying cases.

Since then, the number and severity of cyberbullying incidents has increased.

In a tweet, the ministry said, “There are no more places for the reading of books in schools and we will ban reading in all schools.

There is no reason for reading.”

The ministry said it will not provide any support for any teacher who wants to start reading books online.

Schools will be required to maintain a daily routine of at least five hours of reading and five hours for homework.

The ministry added that schoolbooks will be banned from laptops and tablets in public schools.