‘I’ve had a pretty awful few years’ – child education teacher says

Posted April 02, 2019 07:50:53A Melbourne education teacher has said he’s had a rough couple of years after he was accused of sexually abusing children at the school he taught for five years.

Key points:The man is currently on parole for sexual assault and child abuse offencesThe man has been granted bail and will be back in court later today for his first appearance in courtToday’s incident is the latest in a string of allegations against the manThe man, who is currently in prison for sexual assaults and child sex offences, was arrested on Tuesday in relation to two incidents in Melbourne’s west, but was granted bail.

He was arrested after he left the school on Tuesday and has been released.

The man was granted a one-year parole on the sexual assaults charges.

He has been given bail.

Today’s charges relate to two different incidents in a classroom, one of which involved a boy who was aged between four and eight at the time of the incident.

He allegedly raped the boy at the Melbourne primary school and told police that the victim had told him he had sex with other boys in the same classroom.

The man’s parole hearing has been adjourned to April 29.

His first appearance is scheduled for next week.

Police said the boy had spoken to police on the day the allegations were made.

“We’ve spoken to the boy, we’ve spoken with the boy’s family, we have spoken to his friend, he’s taken advice from police,” Superintendent Michael Tappan said.

“I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a number of issues.”

The man who was arrested has been placed on conditional bail.

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