Kids at the center of the new ‘orphan’ child education program in Michigan could learn to use the internet to navigate for free

Posted March 15, 2019 05:05:37 A new child education initiative that’s being launched in Michigan will teach kids to use smartphones to navigate a virtual world and connect with others in their communities.

The Child-Centered Educational Approach (CCEA) initiative is being launched by the state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the state’s education division.

The initiative will be administered through a partnership between the state and the state government.

The initiative’s goal is to help families gain access to online education through smartphones.

The goal is that kids will learn how to use technology to help them navigate for more than free, said Jessica M. Capps, the executive director of the state of Michigan Child and Family Services (MFCFS).

Capps said parents will be given access to a phone app that will give them tips on how to get their kids access to resources online.

The app will also offer tools that families can use to help their kids navigate for information.

The app will allow parents to set a location and then tap on a resource to see what they need to know about the resource, such as the age range of a child, or whether there’s a school or daycare available.

It will also let parents see which child is learning the information they need.

Capps and MFCFS Executive Director Jennifer M. Kowalski said the app will be open to everyone regardless of where they live, what kind of education they have, or where they work.

Calls to the state are being handled by the Statewide Coordinating Center (SCCC), a collaboration of the MFCBS, the state education department, the Michigan Department of Workforce Development, the Department of Human Services, and the Michigan Office of Economic Development.

“The state is committed to providing families access to high quality, personalized services that support healthy, thriving communities,” said the State Wide Coordinating Coordinator, Amy E. Stapleton.”CCEA is an exciting new initiative for the state to expand on the existing state and federal partnerships that are already working in our state,” said Kowalksi.

The plan for the initiative is to work with the state agency that oversees the Michigan Health Connector (MCHC), which will be able to provide free services to parents and families.

The MCHC is one of the largest providers of child care in the state.

“As we look to ensure that all families are able to access the best resources and services for their children, we want to ensure the state is in a position to support all of the parents and caregivers that are in need,” said MCCFS Executive Manager Jessica Mockelman.

The MFCSS is looking to build on the MCHCs partnership with the MECS, which is part of the Michigan Childrens Emergency Fund, which supports critical services for children in the care of families.

The state has also made grants for the program, which includes funding for a statewide online training program and for a pilot project to test the effectiveness of the mobile app.

The pilot program will run through the end of 2021.

The new pilot program is being conducted by the Department for Education.

The state hopes to begin offering the mobile apps in 2018.

For more information about the Child-centered Education Approach (CECA), visit the Michigan Child & Family Services website.