Kids will be able to choose whether to study Bible or Christian studies as part of their Bible course

Children can study Bible in an online biblical education course as part a Bible study program that will soon be offered in Texas schools.

Bible is a traditional, ancient text of the Bible that has been studied and studied by millions of Christians.

The Bible is an inspired, universal, and eternal text of God’s word.

It’s taught in schools and universities all over the world.

The National Council of Teachers of Religion said the course will be taught by the National Association of Bible Schools, which will be run by the American Council on Education, the same group that operates the National Bible Study program.

The Texas Education Agency is in the process of creating a statewide curriculum, known as a Biblesense curriculum, that would offer students a broader set of Bible resources than those available online.

The Texas Education Commission has also begun working with several universities to develop curricula for students to learn in a more integrated manner.

The Biblescience curriculum will be offered online at and will begin at a site in North Austin.

The online Bible course will focus on the Old Testament and the New Testament and is expected to include readings from the New and Old Testament.

The Biblesence curriculum is expected begin with the book of Acts, which is an historical account of Jesus’ ministry.

Other Bible resources include the Book of Revelation, The Book of Job, and the Book that Inspired the Apostles.

Biblesource has been offering the Bible course for more than a decade.

It will be available through the Texas Education Department.

The new program is expected be completed by summer, and then Texas schools will start using the Biblessource curriculum.

A website for the program is currently up and running.