The $20M Care Child Education Trust Fund is one of the largest child education funds in the country

TechCrunch is reporting on an amazing child education fund that was created by a small California charity.

This fund is one the largest in the US and it provides more than $20 million in support for low-income families and children.

The money comes from a small, anonymous donor who donated $10 million to the fund in 2013.

In 2014, the foundation also raised $1 million.

Now, the trust has $8.8 million in assets and is working to grow.

The fund is also the largest charitable gift ever to a single state or territory.

It’s not known who is behind this fund.

TechCrunch says it’s a child development organization, which is basically a non-profit foundation.

Techcrunch says that it’s unclear whether this fund will use its money to pay for college or to provide scholarships to high school students.

The news of this amazing child support fund is just another example of the impact of child care, child care subsidies, and other programs that make a huge difference in children’s lives.