What is a ‘child educational cartoon’? The answers: ‘We were taught to believe that children are children’

Children’s cartoonist Tariq Zaidi has been awarded the Padma Vibhushan.

It was the first award given to the cartoonist since the late 1980s.

Zaidy’s “Babu” (Little Boy) has been recognised for his contribution to the children’s genre.

“In my generation, I’m one of the lucky ones, who has seen the rise of the cartoon and cartoonist.

There was no need for me to start with a drawing of a little boy, to draw him and make him a cartoon.

I could have done it years ago, but I never did,” Zaid, 52, told IANS.

Zaid is known for his works of the Indian genre of children’s cartoons.

His work has been widely recognised and has been featured in many films, television shows and books.

“I was a little bit scared to draw a child because it would not be recognised.

But it was OK.

There were many parents who were not happy with it.

But I was happy that they recognised the talent of my work,” he said.

Zayed was born in Kerala in 1951.

His father was a painter, his mother a teacher.

He moved to Ahmedabad in 1961 and was the only child of five siblings.

His mother’s work as a teacher and her work as an artist was influential on Zaid.

“My mother was a very inspiring woman and taught me that my work was important,” he added.

Zayed’s family settled in a village in Kerala.

He spent his early childhood at a nearby school.

Zami told Ians that he always felt that he had a responsibility to his work and that it was his job to create a positive image of children.

“It was a huge responsibility, and I took it on,” he recalled.

“When I was five years old, I began drawing.

It wasn’t a job, it was an obsession.”

He spent many hours drawing, and he became a very good cartoonist in his early teens.

“Then I began to draw little boys.

When I was seven, I started doing children’s art.

Then, I thought I had to work hard to become a good cartoonists.”

Zaid worked as a child artist in the 1980s and 90s, as well as in the late 1990s.

His most notable work was “Babi,” which featured a character that resembles a little child.

He has been drawing children’s characters for nearly 50 years.

Zamood has published a children’s cartoon on his blog, called “Baba.”

“I have a very strong feeling that the kids of today will be my children’s children, and that they will come to understand my work.

That’s why I have created this book,” he told Iams.