What you need to know about the new child safety legislation

Child safety is the most important issue facing children in Australia today.

Every child is vulnerable to this issue, and our current laws and practices are not working.

There are too many people, agencies and businesses doing too little and too often, which means that our children are not being protected and they are not safe.

With the changes in legislation in relation to child safety in the next two years, the Government is taking steps to make the system better and more effective.

We are investing $6.2 billion in the Child Safety Framework to strengthen our national child safety network, strengthen our partnership with the states and territories, and help parents and carers better protect children.

Child Safety is an ongoing priority for the Government, with the Minister for Children and Young People’s Services, Jacinta Allan, announcing the following: We will invest $6 billion to strengthen the national child security network.

That investment includes a new National Child Safety Network, which will include new agencies and services across all areas of child protection.

The network will also provide a comprehensive set of services to families, caregivers, carers, schools, and other organisations.

We will continue to invest in strengthening our child protection system, ensuring that every child is safe.

It is also critical that we protect our children from harm in our communities.

As part of this commitment to strengthening child safety, we will invest in new measures to increase access to child protection and child care services for children and families in remote areas.

This includes increasing access to services for families with young children in remote communities.

These measures will include: expanding access to childcare services, including the provision of safe childcare and access to safe homes for young children; strengthening and modernising child protection information and training services to ensure that the services we provide are effective and effective at preventing child abuse and neglect; providing further support to vulnerable families to ensure they are able to access child protection services; and expanding access and training to help young people and their carers develop skills in safe and effective caregiving and child protection strategies.

Our Government will also invest $1.9 billion to increase support to families and carer services for young people, and to ensure the right support is available to all young people who need it.

This is the largest single investment in child safety funding in a generation, with over $1 billion available over the next five years.

To help families and caregivers better protect their children, the government is committing $200 million over the first five years of the plan to support child safety education.

These investments will include an additional $250 million over three years to support a child safety training and training program for young carers and family carers.

The Government will continue investing in a wide range of child safety and family safety services across our community and the wider community, including: improving the capacity of the Child Protection Information Centre, including providing access to additional resources to support people who may need support to protect children; developing new child protection training programs for teachers, social workers, care workers, and others; supporting the training of new and existing child protection officers; and improving the training and awareness of child and family service workers.

This funding will ensure that every Australian family and care-r is able to protect their child, regardless of where they live, where they work or what their income is.

The government has also committed $1 million over five years to establish a new network of child protective services for the Indigenous community, to provide additional services for Indigenous young people.

These services will include additional training and support to assist Indigenous young and vulnerable people in ensuring that they are safe and supported in the community.

The new child welfare and child welfare systems The Government is also making significant investments to support Indigenous and Northern Territory families and young people to support their children.

Over the next three years, funding will be available to support the implementation of the Family and Community Support Plan, which is designed to provide Indigenous families and their children with the tools they need to make a living and contribute to their communities.

The Family and Child Support Plan will ensure a fairer system for the allocation of financial support and support for children, including for Indigenous children, and will help Indigenous families better manage their financial and other resources to ensure their children are protected and in good health.

The Coalition Government is committed to ensuring that Indigenous Australians have access to the resources and support they need, including child care, family support, financial counselling and support services.

In the coming months, the Federal Government will make further investments to ensure Indigenous Australians are better prepared to manage and support their families, and better able to take part in the work of supporting their children and their families.

The Federal Government is investing $1 in every Indigenous child under the age of 18 who needs support in the first year of a new program to ensure families and Indigenous young carer support is provided, while the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Community (ITIC) is investing over $400 million over two years to help