When will the new child education certificate be in place?

An interactive graphic shows how the new certificate will work.

RTE has released the first interactive graphic showing how the Child Education Certificate will work and what it will cost.

The certificate will allow people to earn up to €100 per day by having children in primary, secondary and tertiary schools and earning a minimum of €150 per day after that.

The Child Education Certificates Office, which is part of the Department of Health and Social Protection, will publish a further update in the coming weeks to provide further information about the new scheme.

There are a range of different forms of child education certificates which have different costs and requirements.

The cost of the new Child Education certificate has been set at €300 per child per year for the first four years.

The minimum requirement for the Child Educators Certificate is €150.

In the new year, the cost of a child education qualification is set at a maximum of €600 per child and the cost per child of the Child Arts Certificate is set to be €1,300.