Which child education trusts are running the fastest?

Child education trusts (CETs) are public and private schools that educate children from low-income families.

They are the only publicly-funded schools in India, and many are run by private companies.

The majority of them, like B.V. Purushottam and A.S. Ramanathan’s Chaturthi Foundation, are run exclusively by their families.

But some are run for non-profit educational and training institutions (e.g., B.S., N.A., and M.S.) or by the government.

They include such well-known names as Bharat Dhan Yojana, Dharamshala School, G.K. Nagar, Indore University, Rajiv Gandhi School, and Bharat Science College.

We’ve compiled the top 10 CETs that have run the fastest in India since the start of 2017.

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