Why Are Kids Being Taught to Die?, by Peter Schmitt

The US military’s “child soldier” training program is causing a crisis for the country, according to a former officer who spent nearly a decade in the field.

“It’s a really big mess,” says Sgt. Major Joseph D. DiMaggio, a former Army officer and director of military education at the Naval War College.

The military’s new “school to door” model is “very dangerous” for children, DiMoggio told New York magazine, “and I don’t know of any child that has learned to survive the training.”

DiMogan, who served as an Army officer from 2000 to 2005, was a lead instructor in the school’s first year and taught about 15 to 20 children each year.

It was a “very stressful experience,” he said.

“They’ve had very little supervision. “

I don and I can’t say we’ve seen it,” she said.””

They’ve had very little supervision.

I don and I can’t say we’ve seen it,” she said.”

You have to be careful that the child is well-adjusted,” DiMorgio said.

He believes the US military is failing the children.

“You can’t train kids in the military to be the soldiers they will be.”

The program, known as the “school-to-door” model, is one of several military programs aimed at training children to be “adults,” a term used to describe soldiers.

Military children have been trained in the ways of war for years, but it’s not known how many children have actually participated.

The US is one out of several countries that allows its children to participate in the program.

DiGomggios father, Capt. James DiMugo, a retired Marine colonel, is the program’s program director.

He said the military has been trying to find ways to get children to engage with combat, but that the current training model is too intense and difficult.

“These children need a lot of supervision, a lot more supervision than they are getting now,” he told New Yorker magazine.

The school-to, or “school day,” approach, has been used by the US since the 1980s, and it’s the model used by many other countries, including Israel and South Korea.

It’s not clear if the military is following suit, but the new school-day approach is widely criticized for being too harsh.

“The program’s purpose is to make these kids better at military tasks,” DiGommis mother, Susan DiGoggios, told NewYork Magazine.

“And it’s very dangerous.”

DiGogans mother, who is also a Marine colonel in the Marines, was told in 2008 that her son had to undergo “adverse selection” because of his military training.

He was selected for a “school” program and told that his military career would be over after six months.

The soldier, who graduated in the Army, has spent more than a decade on the front lines of combat.

DiGommins son, who was only 16 at the time, was later told he was “too young” to take the school-only program, according of DiMoglio.

“He’s the best example I’ve seen,” DiDiMogos mother said.

DiDiGomorgis son, now 18, has completed the school program and graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2013.

DiDoggis mother said the soldiers who have attended the program are not all well.

“When I see their eyes light up, I think, ‘You know what?

This is not the right time for me to be a soldier.'”

DiMaggios son has been in combat since 2009, according the Navy.

His mother said he’s been in a coma for years.

“I can’t get him back out there,” she told New Yorkers magazine.

“His only purpose is combat.”