Why is it so hard for children to learn in Australia?

The education system in Australia is failing children, with many schools having a low level of staff and resources, according to a report released on Monday.

The report by the Child Education Network (CEN) said Australia has the highest levels of child poverty in the developed world, and child poverty was a “disproportionate issue” in most states.

“The Government has been clear about the fact that child poverty is a problem and it is a national problem,” CEN president David Lydon said.

“We know that we need to tackle it.

We need to make sure that every child in Australia has a fair go in life.”

Mr Lydons report found that while there were some positive outcomes, the average child is struggling to achieve basic skills in many Australian schools.

“It’s not just the education system that is broken,” he said.

“It’s the entire system.

The primary school system is broken.

The secondary school system.

We know it’s not enough to get kids back to school.”

I would hope that every parent would be able to understand the importance of what’s happening with our schools, and we would all want that same level of quality education for all children.

“Mr Triggs said the Government’s focus on education had been too narrow.”

There is no need to talk about a national education system because we have the best school systems in the world, in Australia,” he told the ABC.”

But what we’re seeing is a failure of leadership.””

We’ve got to make changes in our schools and we’ve got the best schools in the country.

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