Why is your child getting the wrong lessons?

Parents are being urged to keep a closer eye on their kids as they wait for the latest news on school funding.

In the meantime, a growing number of parents are being encouraged to take a closer look at the content they teach their children, especially as they prepare to send them to school this fall.

Parents can watch what their children read in the classroom, and make sure they’re using the right content, the American Academy of Pediatrics wrote in a new report released Monday.

If your child doesn’t get enough sleep, it could be because of the content you teach, the academy said.

The AAP also found that parents who didn’t have enough sleep last year may be experiencing sleepiness and fatigue.

While there are plenty of ways to help your child learn, it’s best to watch what your child reads and study what’s in the school bookshelf, the AAP said.

It’s not all bad news.

For example, the report notes that parents may be learning more about the science behind certain vaccines, including the HPV vaccine, and the benefits of vaccines for children who have autism.

Also, the authors say, parents should be paying close attention to the information they’re providing to their children about the impact of school closings and other disruptions.

Some schools have already announced school closess and disruptions for October, and some parents are taking precautions by using alternative methods to keep their kids from falling asleep during class.

Still, the study is just the latest piece of evidence that many parents aren’t getting the full picture of what’s being taught in their schools, the AP said.

The AP asked parents to share their tips to help students learn, and they found some suggestions that may help with learning:The AAP recommends parents watch what they read in their child’s classroom.

The AAP’s recommendations also suggest parents consider the content that they’re teaching their children.

For example:Parents should be reading the contents of the class with their child.

Teachers should be using the content in their classroom to inform their students about the topics that are being covered.

For more information on school closeness, see the AP’s full report.